Self Tanning Lotion

There are different varieties of self tanning lotions available throughout the market these days making it very difficult to get one that works for an individual. There are sprays, gels, lotions, oils, creams and mists and then there is another difficulty of choosing how dark you need to appear. Not only this, you also need to consider the time span for which you want the tan. However, the truth is that there are some products which are better in comparison to the others. But one product that works for an individual might not possibly work for some other individual. It is important for buyers to contemplate their requirements and even their skin type.

Self Tanning LotionTypes of Self Tanning Lotions

Self tanning lotions are usually available in three important varieties to match different skin types: light, medium and dark. The very first thing that you need to do is choose a lotion that matches and goes with the type of skin you possess. Light self tanning lotions are for people with extremely fair complexion and also for the people with sensitive skin. The dark variety is for people with skin that tans very easily. Good quality self tanning lotions are also available with multiple choices such as light-medium, medium-dark and so on. If you are really bent on getting the one that suits the type of skin you have then you must ensure to test with some different varieties. This will give you an idea about the lotion that best suits your skin type.

Finding the Correct Self Tanning Lotion

There are different methods of finding the correct Self Tanning Lotion and the methods have been described below:

Use the Internet

In order to find the correct self-tanning lotion you must make the effective use of trial packs and free trials which are offered by several companies. You can carry out a thorough online search in order to get hold of the companies offering such products and they get the free trials. There is nothing easier than logging into the website of such companies and ordering for the free trials or the trial packs. The companies dealing in such lotions are always eager to get customers so that their products can sell at fair prices. Initially, they offer their products free or at a reasonable price. This shows that companies offering free trials of their products are quite confident about the quality of their products. These companies do not have fraudulent intentions because they are well aware of the fact that they will not be able to sell their products if they do not offer good quality in their free trial packs.

Test the Lotion that you Choose

Another important thing that you must keep in mind when choosing self tanning lotions is that a good quality tanning lotion will not wash off and it will take some time to produce the desired results.

Read Reviews

You can also use the internet for reading reviews of some self tanning lotions considered to be the best. Go through the reviews and see what people have to speak about these lotions. This will be of good help for you in pinning down the one that suits your skin type. However, in pinning down the right Self Tanning Lotion you will have to remain aware of the ingredients that make up the best lotions. Try narrowing down your choice by looking out for the features that have been mentioned below:

DHA or Dihydroxyactone should be the Active Ingredient in the Lotion

The best and the most result-oriented self tanning lotions will have DHA or dihydroxyactone as their active ingredient. DHA creates a kind of chemical reaction with keratin in the skin and produces a compound referred to as melanoids. Melanoids darkens an individual’s skin when exposed to the UV rays of the sun. chemical reaction created by melanoids is painless and safe and it even creates an even and natural looking skin color. The lotion should also contain skin care ingredients so that it leaves your skin smooth and supple at the same time.

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